CD 2021SS purple towel hoodie-retail preview


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*Anti-fake:our frabic is custom,different with other market cheap version use the material is market material,logo size and print big different and with retail,easy call-out. *frabic :he surface fabric is towel knitting jacquard, the bottom layer of David clothing to catch the bottom, two layers of fabric are good cotton yarn, this process is very complex, two layers of cloth to do a good job to compound, compound will show this thickness, three-dimensional feeling and effect, fabric composite after the weight is 555 grams, this gram weight is specially customized *jacquard explanation:this jacquard print need re custom made, in the market have differnet size and trickness version,plz compare our with retail. *every day worker only release very few, course the frabic is too trick, when sewing and cutting, is really waste time and worker cost ~ *last year we make white and navy,2020SS new purple color,we cost 15000yuan buy new color,and all three color will make ~ *retail order in 2020.12, retail is been broken for custom frabic and color for 4 moth,not only buy retail ,if needed we will broken a expensive retail to make. 203080013 LINK:

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