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20301018 RETAIL VS COPY We all say this is a sweater, in fact, it is not made of wool at all, retail is not! All the ingredients include the color of the lamb and the thread of the main body, all pure cotton, not mixed with any other wool! retail is a thread strung with cotton, and then woven into a sweater. All materials are pure cotton, but the number of cotton thread is required. Pick out at least six strands in it, beat a few into one, and then make the clothes in the form of a crochet. -Color contrast: the color of the clothes we put a lot of effort, after all, is pure cotton, since it is pure cotton, we have to follow the color! In this respect, not in the case of hair, need to be very attentive to the tone, the color we can follow with the retail to reach 99%! Welcome infinite contrast ! -comparison of lamb patterns: When we knit the sweater, we set aside the red hook line of the lamb, then type the red thread by hand along the vacant space of the line, and then embroider the gucc*. This step is all pure manual, so the length of the line, the straight line or the border of the whole outline, are aligned according to every position of the original, and the space left by each bit is the same! All the lines are going through this gap. -neckline comparison: the weaving method at each place is based on retail, including the collar type has been adjusted several times. There is no such thing as "hard" or "prick" at all. -back contrast: the letters behind also leave all the letters vacant, and then put them up as a whole! The step of this dress is to make a finished product of the yellow part of the dress before bringing up the black letters. Instead of an integrated machine, directly report that the clothes are woven with the letters. This dress is divided into three steps: clothes-back letters-front lambs. The last two steps are to leave the needle position, weave the clothes, and hook the letters and the lamb in! Letundefineds say itundefineds semi-automatic, because this needle is a manual needle, but itundefineds not a manual needle. It hooks letters like a flat car. itundefineds another knitting machine. The thickness of the line is the same as the font of the whole, and we are all in line with the retail! -wash tag code No. and page all the same!!! LINK: https://item.taobao.com/item.htm?spm=a2126o.11854294.0.0.e5c44831pMzfHS&id=609220040130 4.99/72.5

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